Web applications

Web applications are computer programs (software) that support administrative processes and can only be reached via the Internet. 

Where a website aims to convey (i.e. show) information, web applications have functionalities that support and/or automate business processes. All data are hereby stored in a central database.

Like a website, a web application is accessible via smartphone, tablet or on desktop, but usually only to authorized users.

Web applications are usually complex projects with strong integrations of other systems.

Dazzling web applications

Web applications remain an abstract concept? We would like to explain it further using two of our Dazzling creations.


Dazzle developed the online platform for Distriweb Ubiway. It allows retailers to place and track orders, validate deliveries and return unsold magazines.

Through an integration with the Solr search engine, shops can also find and order older publications of magazines.

Segmentation within Distriweb is synchronized with Mautic so that marketing automation can be easily applied.

In addition, an application was created that guides every new newspaper shop owner in his or her start-up, 'Become a Press Seller'. Publishers can also log in, to give certain shops access to their existing catalogue or not.


Flemish Communication and Assistance Bureau for the Deaf (CAB): management of all requests for interpreting assistance for the deaf, matching requests based on skills and region. 

Web developer coding app

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