Anyone can design a website but as a company you want your company website to be more is than a digital business card. You want your website to render as well, and that is exactly what happens too little with many websites.

Purpose of your website

Companies usually want to generate new leads via the website, but are unable to seduce visitors to a conversion. For instance, due to the abundance of information on the website. A conversion ranges from a purchase, to signing up for a newsletter or a membership.

So our first and most important message is: start thinking about the purpose of your website.  

Types of business websites are: 

  • Corporate site: supports interaction between customers, employees, press and shareholders. Example: the website of Oxfam Solidarity
  • Communication site:the aim is to inform visitors about products and services. There is no possibility to purchase these products or services on the website. Example: the website of time registration software company Protime.
  • Brand site or trademark site: an interactive company website with a lot of entertainment that wants to improve brand knowledge and brand perception. The goal is to strengthen and promote a brand name or product. 
  • IContent and publications site: focuses primarily on information for a specific audience or situation. Example: the platform for electrical engineering Volta and the website of the Commission for Accounting Standards (CBN).
  • Lead generation site:usually no online sales take place here. The purpose of the website is to entice the visitor, on the basis of the information on the website, to make contact or request a quotation. 

How we design your website

For corporate websites, we use the open source platforms Drupal and WordPress

We design the technological architecture of Drupal websites with an eye to robustness, flexibility and future-proofing. Many of the corporate websites we have built on Drupal successfully evolve over the years to meet the high demands of marketing and content teams. 

WordPress we use mostly for the slightly easier corporate websites

The UX design team plans to develop a prototype smartphone application.

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