Anyone can do web development, but as a company you want your corporate website to be more than a digital business card. You also want your website to be profitable, and that is not the case with many websites.

Purpose of your website

Companies would usually like to generate new leads via the website, but are unable to entice the visitor into making a conversion due to, for example, the abundance of information on the website. A conversion ranges from a purchase to signing up for a newsletter or a membership.

So our first and most important message is: start by thinking about the purpose of your website.

We create websites with the most diverse applications: from simple company websites to webshops, e-commerce websites with subscription systems, membership management, and so on.

WordPress or Drupal

A Drupal site is quite expensive because it is customised. This is appropriate if the information architecture (read: navigation, labels/tags and search options) is very specific. In addition, the wireframes are drawn from scratch and the graphic design is fully customised. So: a Drupal website can be compared to a tailor-made suit. The result is usually excellent but the price is correspondingly high. Drupal as CMS is mainly used for complex corporate websites

For the somewhat simpler corporate websites, we use the open source platform WordPress.

WordPress has grown from simple blog sites and therefore provides many standard layouts (themes, templates) that have a predefined (but adjustable) information architecture and page structure. Moreover, the graphic design is fully developed. Consequence: the development is much cheaper, but you also have less freedom.

A WordPress site is therefore comparable to a ready-made suit. Your choice depends on your needs and your budget.


How much budget do you need to provide? 

This is comparable to building a kitchen: the prices vary from a few thousand to tens of thousands of euros. You can prepare a good meal in any normal kitchen. So it depends on what you want. 

General: an informative WordPress site is available from 1,500 euros. With Drupal, it can be easily 10,000 euros. A WordPress webshop can be put up for 5,000-7,000 euros. For Drupal, you can easily expect 25,000 euros. Hence our choice to work with WordPress.

There are no hidden costs. Almost all our web development projects are carried out at a fixed price. After delivery, there is an annual cost for hosting and support. And this will be communicated to you in our first proposal.

Web development in close cooperation

We start with a kick-off where the project approach and everyone's role and responsibility are explained. During the design phase, there are one or more workshops per subject to be discussed (objectives and KPIs, information architecture, wireframes, graphic design and functional requirements). The development phase comprises several deliveries (sprints) in which a piece of functionality is presented each time. 

The time you invest as a client is roughly ⅓ of the time we put in, not taking into account the content (texts, images, photos, infographics...). We need this time for workshops, consultations and making the necessary choices. As for the content, it can range from a few hours to a never-ending assignment...

In short: we realise your project through intense cooperation.

Content in own management

With just a few hours of training, your webmaster will be familiar with the WordPress CMS and be able to make editorial changes himself. If necessary, our team is ready to provide support.

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