Drupal project staffing

Dazzle has an established partnership with Alphawebgroup (Cherkasy, UA) and Pointblank (Thessaloniki, GR) for the realisation of Drupal projects. We work as one team with common processes and systems.

Alphawebgroup is specialised in Drupal backend development and has a team of 15 developers. Pointblank is an award-winning agency with 2 graphic designers and 7 Drupal frontend developers.

We apply the following principles to staffing projects: 

  • We only use senior profiles 
  • As a customer, you have a direct line to all developers. All projects are managed by a Dazzle project manager. 
  • Scrum is our preferred approach

Our staffing rates are comparable to those of a local Drupal freelancer. But with us, you get a well-oiled team and the assurance that we will still be here tomorrow. 

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