Online marketing strategy

We help you with your online presence by guiding you through the complex digital landscape and by searching together for solutions that are feasible and workable.

Even if it means that you are better off with another agency.

online marketing strategy

Value proposition

What is your message? The very first and most important question you should ask yourself when thinking about a new website: who are your customers and why should they choose you and not your competitor? In marketing terms, this is called determining your value proposition .

Digital marketing plan

How will you deliver your message? A digital marketing plan is a report in which all marketing and commercial efforts of an organisation are described in order to achieve certain online objectives.

Request for proposal

What needs to be done to achieve this? Reduce the chance of misunderstandings for your supplier and force yourself to think about your project. In addition to the quasi exclusion of a project risk, a request for proposal can save you a lot of project budget.

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