SEO analysis

A thorough SEO analysis is no longer a luxury. People are overwhelmed by advertisement. In order to distinguish yourself and show your expertise, you should write valuable tailor-made content for your customer. This is how you create the ideal bond of trust. We are happy to draw up your content planning and creation with you.

With a targeted SEO strategy we make sure that your website has better chances of being found by search engines such as Google. After all, you want to be found by (potential) customers without having to pay each time, right?

How do we do that?

We always start with a thorough SEO analysis of your website. Here we look at both the technical (off site) and on site factors that influence SEO. 

We then set up a concrete implementation plan with both technical and content-related opportunities. 

After a feedback session we will make the necessary technical adjustments to your website, rewrite the content so that it is tailored to your target group and come up with a linkbuilding strategy to increase the authority of your domain (the ranking it gets on search engines).

SEO analysis: the different aspects

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