Marketing automation

How does it work?

Build customized marketing automation workflows to send reminders to customers and prospects and communicate with them more effectively. Configure a range of targeted e-mails and text messages based on the behavior of your contacts and website visitors.

 You can also build advanced workflows which contain the behaviour of your contacts on your website. The data is automatically uploaded to your marketing automation platform.

We will work with you to build a marketing funnel tailored to your business. 

Examples of popular automation flows are: 

  • Welcome message: send a series of emails after, for example, concluding a subscription, making a purchase or subscribing to a newsletter
  • Birthday date: send a gift to your users on their birthday or on the anniversary of the date they subscribed to your site
  • Send a reminder after X days from inactivity
  • Prospect reminder: send a series of emails based on the behaviour on your website or based on interaction on your emails
  • Abandoned cart: send a reminder to potential customers after X days of inactivity and add an item to their basket without ordering it

Analyse your collected data and grow

Thanks to the extensive real-time statistics available about sent mails or campaigns, it becomes very easy to collect data. On the basis of this data, we continuously work together with you to improve your communication strategy in order to keep growing.

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