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The customer

Dazzle has been a Sendinblue reseller since 2019. One of the many digital services Dazzle offers is helping clients get the most out of their marketing automation and email marketing, this with Sendinblue.

One of these customers is Hadu, a platform where members can register for group activities and events in their region. This is done on the basis of common interests.

Hadu attracts a diverse audience of enthusiasts and epicureans: from wine lovers to weekend hikers. Hadu members can subscribe to various event categories; if they don't find an event, they can organise one themselves.

Hadu and Dazzle had a particularly interesting use case for Sendinblue.

The purpose of the automation flow

Hadu's marketing team wanted to create an automated email with Sendinblue. This email should notify members when new events are created on Hadu that they might be interested in.

For example, all users of the platform who indicate that they are interested in a certain type of concert, for example, would receive an e-mail with the details of an upcoming concert that matches their specific interest. So, based on specified interests, we want to automatically send emails to groups of interested members. 


Specifications of the transactional email

We had the following requirements to realise this type of email:

  • Automated emails should be sent in bulk.
  • All contacts must remain hidden from each other.
  • Specific transaction data (event details) should be automatically included in the email.


The challenges of making everything work:

  • The transactional emails of Sendinblue are designed to be sent to only one recipient.
  • We then discovered that transactional messages only collected data from the website for one recipient.
  • If we tried to send a transaction email to more than one recipient, it would put all other recipients in CC.

So there was no easy standard way to set up this automated flow.

The solution: getting creative with the Sendinblue API

Finally, we found a solution that takes advantage of the flexibility of Sendinblue's API and campaign functions. Using API calls, we got the Hadu platform configured to automatically create Sendinblue campaigns based on new activity.

For these emails we created a custom template in Sendinblue. Then we used the API calls 'create custom event' and 'create campaign' to send the necessary data about the event to Sendinblue and automatically send the notification emails in bulk. 

Hadu transactional email

By being creative with Sendinblue's powerful API, we were able to turn a campaign template into a bulk transactional email. Now Hadu members receive emails when new events are posted that are of interest to them. And members don't have to worry about others being able to see who received this email. 





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