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A 'Proof of Concept' is being built for Bpost in collaboration with the Cap team offshore. Subject of this 'Proof of concept' is a business portal that integrates with different services such as authentication, billing, trackers, .... Dazzle delivers the technical expertise and Agile Coach that supports the offshore team, reviews their work and defines improvement actions.


Energy provider Lampiris has an existing backend solution in Java and a front-end solution in Drupal. Dazzle assists Lampiris as a Capgemini partner with immediate support and transfer of general Drupal knowledge to the Lampiris team. This way we also simplify the communication with the remote team (Capgemini India).

In addition, Dazzle improves procedures and flow and advises best practices in new development. We implement Drupal Coding standards and work out automation and testing for both existing and new solutions.


UCB is a pharmaceutical company with activities in around 40 countries and websites developed in different technologies by different suppliers. It was decided to choose Drupal for the development of all UCB websites in a factory model.

The analysis and consulting of this project is carried out by Dazzle. We performed - because of the international scale - an analysis of the hosting options that offers two options: UCB develops its own platform on the different cloud providers or opts for PaaS as offered by Acquia, Pantheon or Platform.sh.

An analysis and evaluation by Dazzle shows that the security of the PaaS providers' infrastructure does not guarantee compliance with UCB's security guidelines. The option to implement a solution on Azure is investigated.

In this context, the different types of websites developed by UCB worldwide are analysed. Dazzle translates this into functional requirements and a product model (Drupal distributions).

In the next phase, Dazzle plans to set up a product catalogue and implement processes from business intake to deployment. A governance model will also be set up to manage the further development of the products and to enable continuous improvement of the whole process.





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