Translate your website instantly with Weglot

Have you ever considered expanding your market abroad? Then you may have thought about translating your website, but top-quality translations require a lot of money and time. What if it could be done differently? A faster way to translate your entire website in no time and still be excellent? We present to you Weglot: a tool which allows you to make your website multilingual in just a few minutes, and to easily manage all your translations.

What are the advantages of Weglot?

Weglot has numerous advantages for you. We list them for you:

  • You implement the tool in your website without coding.
  • The software is compatible with every content management system (WordPress, Drupal, WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, Javascript, etc.).
  • After installation, Weglot automatically translates all content. This first translation is already of good quality.
  • The translations can be edited manually.
  • You can easily find all translations in the dashboard. You can also manage them there.
  • You can choose from no fewer than 113 languages.
  • The software also translates the URLs of your website. The 'hreflang' tag is added automatically.
  • The translations are done with attention to SEO, and your metadata and alt-texts are also converted.
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How does Weglot work?

Weglot is extremely user-friendly and delivers top-quality instant translations . After installation, the software automatically detects content on your website and translates it. It does this by using the knowledge of various translation programs. This is how Weglot achieves a first automatic translation.

Is a certain translation not quite what you think it should be? Then you can change the translations manually with the visual editor. Do you have specific terminology? With the 'glossary' function you teach the programme how certain words should be translated or whether certain words should not be translated. You enter a line once and Weglot adapts it to your entire website. This way you do not have to translate common words over and over again and you can be sure that the translation is the same everywhere. Moreover, you can requesta professional translation via Weglot itself.

Finally, Weglot has a handy feature called 'Private Mode'. This prevents your translated website from being viewed by online visitors. It allows you to work on your translated website behind the scenes. When you are done, switch off the mode and your translated version is visible.

How much does Weglot cost via Dazzle?

Through us, you can enjoy Weglot's Enterprise version with all functionality and support for a technical onboarding fee of €950 and a monthly payment of €79. Normally, this package costs €4,990 per year. In addition, we install the tool on Drupal or WordPress for you. It all sounds good, right?

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