The digital approach of Dazzle (and what you can learn from it)

Your digital part is a full-fledged business entity that requires a separate approach and a plan that outlines where you want to go with your online channel.

Gut feeling or data?

We're not against gut feeling, quite the opposite. But when it comes to a digital strategy A solid data basis is necessary to be able to draw the picture. Before you can begin your digital action plan, you need to gather the data that will help you make the right choices. Stop! You have just read a very important sentence. Because once you've started your digital adventure, data that will help you make the right choices will remain a constant. You will need to make constant adjustments. And you do that after the necessary tests and analyses.

Get to know your buyer personas!

Your buyer personas are fictional characters you create for each of your ideal customers. And no, this is not a fun pastime for your 10-year-old daughter who loves making up stories. Your buyer personas are preferably as close to reality as possible and have - in addition to a name - a life that you fill in with background information and demographic data based on data, customer interviews and your own experience.

Focus on inbound marketing

Traditional marketing tools are dead. They are not cost-effective because they do not respond to the needs and behavior of your potential customer. These customers are increasingly looking for information themselves online. And with inbound marketing and the right content strategy, get that customer to your website organically. Think about the 4 phases of inbound marketing:

  1. Reach: you want to attract the right (new) visitors to your website.
  2. Engage: ensure interaction and gather information about your visitors with targeted CTAs 
  3. Activate: step by step, using personalised content, you turn your website visitors into leads and then into customers.
  4. Nurture: make sure your customer loves you. That's how he'll come back to you or recommend you. Keep nurturing and pleasing your customers.

Start with marketing automation: your online marketing machine at cruising speed

Marketing automation software allows you to optimise, streamline, measure and, of course, automate campaigns. This will make the operational part of your marketing department many times more efficient and your sales department will be able to generate more sales.

With the right marketing automation tool you get the most out of your online marketing efforts. In fact, after setting up the whole thing, there is actually a minimum of effort, especially if you let professionals guide you. Dazzle partners for marketing automation with Mautic.

Run targeted campaigns

Paid campaigns pay off. Dazzle also performs targeted AdWords campaigns and works with ads on social media. It gives us exposure in the right place at the right time to the target audience we select.

Analyse and adjust

To measure is to know. A horrible cliché. But to put it in Trump's words: "It's true, it really is." Only that this is really the case. Dazzle measures every campaign via Google Analytics:. This way we know which campaigns really work, which can be improved and which should be left out.

In addition, we follow the behaviour of our contacts and website visitors via our marketing automation tool Mautic. This way we get to know our website visitors and potential customers better and we can help them more specifically. How does this work? The click behaviour of each website visitor is analysed. We know which pages are viewed and for how long, what is downloaded and more of the sort. On the basis of predetermined parameters, each website visitor gets a lead score. There is a fixed workflow for the further follow-up of leads. If hot leads do not contact you automatically in the course of the inbound marketing and marketing automation journey, then you end up doing it yourself, through your sales department.

Every digital approach is a plan that you need to adjust constantly. This applies to everything related to your business, but especially to your digital approach. The reason is simple: the digital world is changing at breakneck speed. And many entrepreneurs need to learn what digital thinking is.

Especially those who also have physical stores often struggle with the startup feeling that setting up an online entity brings. Processes that have run smoothly for years have to be questioned and the digital reality does not always match the physical one. The most important thing is that you are open to new techniques and channels and the advice of experts like Dazzle. This way you avoid spending valuable time and resources on processes or tools that are already outdated. Or that you don't put the right focus on your work.

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The digital approach of Dazzle (and what you can learn from it)

Your digital part is a full-fledged business entity that requires a separate approach and a plan that outlines where you want to go with your online channel.





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