Content is king, but why?

The importance of content marketing continues to grow. But what makes content so important? Dazzle gives you five reasons why content marketing is an indispensable part of your digital marketing strategy.

Importance of content marketing

Never just say content to content. Good content is unique, qualitative and authentic. The reader should experience it as fun, useful and interesting. Do you respect the rules of good content marketing strategyyou'll reap more than one benefit:

  • you can engaging in dialogue with all your stakeholders via social media marketing
  • reinforces the customer-company relationship
  • provides more loyal clients
  • it strengthens your reputation and authority in your field
  • brings additional visitors to your website
  • ultimately increases your sales. Marketers who publish a blog make 13 times more likely to deliver a positive ROI according to Hubspot

But how does that happen exactly? Let us explain.

Content helps your SEO

If you are online regularly new, unique content publishes with herein internal links; processed to other content and relevant keywordsthen your website will score higher organically. In addition, the Regularly posting good content will increase your authority, which on the one hand gives your website more value in the eyes of Google and on the other hand backlinks to your website can generate, what your Google score improves again.

Content that engages

If you score better organically in the search engines, you increase your reach. Your message will reach a larger audience. Moreover, if your content is relevant and unique, then you will take the time to read your content, understand your message and - hopefully - like and share it. That's the ultimate proof of online engagement and the goal of every content marketer.

Content marketing generates new leads

The market is saturated and the potential customer is overwhelmed with commercial messages. As a brand it is therefore difficult to get a foot in the door. Good content can do this. Because relevant, unique content is not just commercial. It gives people the chance to build a genuine relationship with your brand and guide them through their journey from prospect to customer and hopefully even a brand representative.

Content gives added value to your product or service

Content that in one way or another creates added value by, for example, informing or educating on the basis of instructional videos, webinars, white papers, checklists ... is valued by consumers. After all, content of that nature solves a problem in their daily lives or teaches them something new.

Content increases web traffic

If you offer unique, relevant content on your website, it will attract visitors to your website on the one hand, and on the other hand it will keep visitors on your website longer. Because if the visitor finds the content interesting, he will click further in search of other relevant content. This again increases the engagement with your website and your brand.

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