Translate your website instantly with Weglot

Man working on a laptop with the word translate on the computer screen

Have you ever considered expanding your market abroad? Then you may have thought about translating your website, but top-quality translations require a lot of money and time. What if it could be done differently? A faster way to translate your entire website in no time, and still be excellent? […]

Common sense and excellent web design

Web design software

In this white paper, we give you an insight of Steve Krug, an expert in web design and user experience. We combine his knowledge with our own years of experience in this blog. Excellent web design: don't make a user think We can give you countless examples of things visitors should absolutely not spend time on. […]

Marketing automation: what is it and how does it work?

How marketing automation works

Together with CRM, marketing automation is the cost-effective bridge between sales and marketing. Find out how it works and why you can't live without it. What is marketing automation? Marketing automation software provides you with a set of tools that allow you to optimize, streamline, measure and, of course, automate your campaigns. It [...]

Website free DIY or super cheap?

Were you on the edge of your seat on 22 January 2020, headphones at the ready, watching the webinar 'The Future of Building Websites' by WordPress' Elementor with Adam Preiser live? Then the answer is: make your own free DIY website with WordPress because you are probably a developer yourself. Have you never heard of Adam Preiser? Do you think at the [...]

5 points of attention when creating a new website

creating a website: what to look for

As an entrepreneur, you can't escape it: you have to have an online presence in order to reach (potential) customers. And so you must have your own website. But do you make that website yourself between the soup and the chips? Or would it be better to have your website built by professional web developers? And how do you know what to look for? We help you choose by listing 5 points of interest [...].

WordPress versus Wix - Case study

Creating a Wix website, completely free and super easy? If we are to believe the advertisements. We put it to the test and had a developer rebuild an existing WordPress website in Wix. First conclusion: even for a young professional, Wix is a hard nut to crack. You have to figure everything out and the possibilities are limited. […]

WordPress or Drupal?

You are thinking about creating a (new) website but have no idea which Content Management System (CMS) to choose? Will you go for WordPress or Drupal? It all depends on your digital strategy and the desired functionalities. Below we list some important factors. WordPress or Drupal: in any case open source Choose WordPress [...].

Mautic: efficient marketing automation software

We told you before that no medium-sized or large company can do without marketing automation. For those who are familiar with the benefits, we would like to explain more about the open source marketing automation software Mautic. Marketing automation software Mautic Mautic is an open source marketing automation platform. It is different from other marketing automation [...].

SEO-proofing your website

Google changes its secret algorithm every year, which sometimes makes it seem impossible to make your website SEO (search engine optimisation) friendly. And that while you would like to use a digital strategy that fits into the long-term vision of your company. We give you a number of basics that will also make your website SEO-proof in the long run.

What is robots.txt?

A robots.txt is a small text file that lists which pages and files a search engine may or may not crawl. In other words, you give instructions to search engine bots to indicate which pages of your website may appear in search results. Where should it be? The robots.txt file needs to be in the root of your domain. You can [...]

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console

In order to score high in Google, your website has to meet a lot of requirements, both in terms of content and technically. Google Search Console, a free tool from Google, helps you to discover problems and opportunities. That way, you can work in a more targeted way to improve your SEO. Google Search Console is divided into four [...]